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Stylecoach - Bliv den bedste udgave af dig selv og få det sjovere med dit klædeskab.


“Life is fun – Do something different”

As a Stylecoach, I give you useful tools to change expressions with your style, and open up your full potential and become the best version of yourself.

I meet you where you are with your style and help you take the next step with your style. Together we will find your *Style type, and the best fit for your body shape, and put together your clothes in new ways.

*Defining your Style type can be used for:

  • Understand who you are and why something works and some doesn’t
  • Shopping tools to avoid purchasing mistakes
  • Utilize your full style potential

The 6 Style types;

  • Classic Style type
  • Feminine Style type
  • Raw Rock-Chic Style type
  • Simple Detailed Trendy Style type
  • Bohemian Style type
  • Casual Style type